WIP Peachtree Nursery Faith

Over at the Old Kit Paint Party, I took suggestions for my next baby and I got quite a few votes for Faith, so here we go! I will have her full WIP with explanations of mixing colors over on my blog page. Here is just my photo log for completing her. I have done the last few kits without a photo log and just kept notes in my sketchbook. Unfortunately, while I do have notes on Darren Awake and the paint concentrations that I used, I do not have a visual reference to go with him. I am going to try to recapture his skintone here because I really do like it.

First layer was a wash with Flesh 08 + Flesh 07 mixed in about equal parts. Then I did a cool vein blue mottle, crease, and shading.

Every new post follows a trip to the NuWave.


Next is Dirty Purple mottling, ear shading, and creasing.


She is a cutie pie

whats your website url?

I’ve done Faith. He was on of my favorites when finished.

Better you than me!
I’ve done that kit twice & I swore I’d never do it again - LOL

She was my least favorite kit, but I’m interested to see what you do with her.

Me too - she reminded me of a little turtle face and I couldn’t not see that as I painted her

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Indigo mottle, crease, and shading eye socket.


Blood red mottle, pre-blush, and crease.


Flesh 07 speckle


Let each color flash or bake between colors. Tangerine speckle. Orchid speckle. Lavender mottle, crease, and eye and ear shading. Sap green light targeted mottle, crease, and pops. Creases with crease color. Veins and blue pops.

I did a LOT during this step without baking. I don’t recommend it, but for me, it’s when the baby really starts to be “reborn.” I usually can’t stop myself long enough to bake at this point :stuck_out_tongue:


She is looking good. What may I ask is a speckle? How is that done?

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Didn’t feel all that inspired when painting her. She was my third kit when I started out. I did a second one as a custom but will never paint her again if I don’t have. LOL

I am wondering how you do the speckles, too. You are making her look really cute. Mine did not look that good.

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She is going to be so awesome!

She looks amazing already, wow

Speckle is just a really ragged sponge.

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Looking good, I’d forgotten about her duck feet - LOL

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