WIP on toddler Isabella


Still have half of the left side to micro root, then the brows, eyes will be going in then lashes. Micro rooting has been slow and difficult, I used alpaca, but it is hard to use and breaks easily, so won’t ever buy it again.


But she is coming out pretty


she is lovely, she has more detail than my Katie Marie. I can’t wait to have her finished


Really cute!!! I hear you on the alpaca… i sparsely rooted my Charles and took longer that my full heads of yearling, kid or anything else I have used. It is however, softer and smoother than anything, a mess, lol


it tangles really easily, best to use the brush than comb. It looks lovely but I’m having to use a hardy needle and put heaps in so it takes ages, I’m heating the head a lot to try and make it easier, but each time you brush or comb it heaps comes away, so don’t know how long it will last, I suspect it will need to be re rooted down the track, depending on how well it’s treated.


Oh wow, I have used alpaca on several heads with no problem… No breaking, tangles, or anything. I just love it! Who do you ladies get your Alpaca from if you don’t mind me asking. I get mine from www.jspremiummohair.shop.


Thanks for sharing @Skylar


You are more than welcome!


I got mine from CORA City of Reborn Angels in Australia, it’s imported and supposed to be real quality. Are you talking about alpaca or mohair, I thought J’s only did mohair? and that’s all I’ve seen on J’s, I usually use Delta Dawn mohair and that’s the best I found, I found DD is better than J’s.


Awe she’s a CUTIE. Can’t wait to see her all finished


Yes im talking about Alpaca…He was only doing mohair but is now doing Alpaca as well. I haven’t tried any of the others so I can’t compare, sorry.
Here is a cuddles I’m working with now using J’s alpaca.


Wow, wonderful rooting! I will never be patient enough to root a full toddler head.


her coloring looks great!


I ordered mine from etsy, can’t remember who. Maybe I need to try your person. what kind of needle do you use?


Looks amazing. I have a cuddles I will be starting soon.


I use a 42 g crown!


Thank you!


she looks very pretty already…




She’s gorgeous!! I love her hair and lips.