WIP on tiny Tink new photos, almost finished


Just need to finish her hair and I’m waiting on some supplies so not far from finished


Looking good!!!


Beautiful!! What kind of eyes are those and what color?


they’re full round just born ultra realistic that I purchased from the UK, been hell trying to get them in, though very hard with her head being so small, and one isn’t sitting flush atm. the iris is too big which is why I have offset them to the side so you can see some of the whites, which with these eyes have a realistic more blue background in the white.
I think she would have been better off with oval eyes or half rounds.


ARe they the ones from I ART Reborn? The full 18mm round ultra newborn eyes?


yes they are


This kit is so cute!


what color did you pick for her eyes?


Oh I like yours so far she is really pretty. Mine is next on the list to work on, I am anxious to get to her.
Will you root or paint your head ?


just born ultra realistic glass


I am planning on micro rooting her hair. I would love to have a go at painting hair but haven’t tried it yet, I even purchased some new brushes but would like to get a head to practice on first hehe


I agree. It would be scarey to try painted hair on a pricey kit :slight_smile: