WIP on my first biracial


I just need to finish micro rooting the back of his head and get some black lashes for him, I painted him with more of a golden look


Beautiful! You’re a natural.



thank you :slight_smile:


beautiful! Can’t wait to see more pics!


He is precious!!!


Beautiful skin tones. Which sculpt is this?


Wow- beautiful baby!


Shyann kit


He is gorgeous my hubby is 1/2 Hispanic, this looks so much like him in the baby pics of him wow great job!


Definitely looks Hispanic! Beautiful!




Excellent, I love his coloring and hair.


He looks really good, very natural, you did a great job!


Wow! This doesn’t even look like any of the other Shyanns that I have seen. I’ve done her several times and still didn’t recognize her.


You did a Beautiful Job!!! You should be proud of yourself :smile:


Wow! Beautiful!


Thank you, I certainly wasn’t very confident doing my first one


It’s Shyann but I’ve made it as a boy


Thank you all for your lovely comments, as I said above I had no confidence in creating my first biracial so appreciate your lovely feedback


Well, you should have some confidence now. This baby’s gorgeous.