WIP of Maddie and need px of painted or penciled bottom lashes please!

This is my Maddie WIP. She’s going to have dark brown lashes, eyebrows and hair. She also needs bottom lashes but I’m not going to attempt to root them. Has anyone here painted bottom lashes and do you have any close up pictures of how to do it so they look good and realistic? Thanks!



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My real babies don’t have visible bottom lashes! So you could probably get away without having any! Also absolutely gorgeous and I’m excited to see her finished this kit is so sweet!

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Beautiful that mottling is fantastic

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Both my kids had thick black lashes - bottom visible from birth and I’m making this baby to look like us!

I love her, what a sweetheart!

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I love almost every version of Maddie I’ve seen, shes just a beautiful kit. I cant wait to start mine!


She is a lot of fun to paint!