WIP - Micro preemie Promise - DONE!


Here’s a couple more pictures… sorry they’re not great quality, I was fighting my two yo for the baby, haha This is my third baby.

PS The marks on its face are intentional. The blue one is a vein my son has on the side of his nose and the one on the tip of the nose is one my daughter had when she was first born.


I hate to say I’m glad u hate her body. I did Nessa & hated her body, which came from Meritas site. I thought I was just being too critical, It was way to fat. I took it apart & still it looks ridiculous with a fat fanny & just way too big. I finally put her eyes in from the inside of her head-boy was that ever a terrible task. My poor old arthritic hands did not do well but I decided if I couldn’t get them to stop being bug eyed I’d just toss her in the lake. I love the minis but will have a special made body next time! I know just who to ask!!


I think you can order one directly from Marita Winters. That’s where I got mine when I ordered the kit from her. Here’s the link: http://winterswhimsies.com/Miniature%20Preemie%20Promise%20Kit.html

There is a spot that says “cloth body only” where you can check to order it. It’s only $15.


Thank you! I altered the one I have and I’m happier with it but I may end up buying the other anyway because I’m not THAT happy with it, lol And it’s an important baby to me (for my mom and all the babies she lost) so I want it to be as perfect as it can be for being my third baby, haha