WIP Mason

Started Mason. I have new meds and am feeling much better. I am hoping I can get back to feeling like myself (or even better) soon. For now, I feel good enough to paint a baby, so I chose a small one. He had 2 washes of Flesh 07 baked on as a primer, then the BB vein blue used to mottle, crease, and shade.
Daylight LED

Warm white light


Glad you’re feeling better! He’s cute :blush:

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So far so good!! I’m excited to see his progress!

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Good job on taking care of yourself and getting the med switch you needed. I know how hard that can be. So from a stranger, good job. I hope you feel more and more like yourself as days pass.

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Next layer is an orchid mottle, crease, and shade. The orchid color is a combination of Q.magenta 02 and Diox.purple 04. This color is my adaptation from a Melissa George turorial since I am GHSP and she is air dry.


I call it Mauve color :slight_smile:

Seeing some life there!

Let’s play a game! What is rooted, what’s painted? :star_struck: The 3D brown hair kit tutorial cannot be recommended highly enough!


Whoa!!! You convinced me for sure! Holy cow!

Are you saying thta is painted hair?

Some of it is painted, some rooted. I have decided to paint the temples and root the head. It is a fabulous tutorial. My rooted parts blend seamlessly with what is painted.


You are doing great! I can see painted part on his forehead and behind the ear, but was not sure if all if is painted.
I liked to root and get rooting experience, but I miss painted hair!

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