WIP Luca coloring?

How is the coloring of my Luca looking? I have had a devil of a time with it!! Please don’t look to close at her hair i haven’t finished that part yet.

she looks fine to me…
Carmen in nj

Thank you carmen!!

I think her coloring is very pretty…good job!

I love her coloring! She is adorable. Can not wait to see her finished!

Thank you so much ladies!! I will post a pic when i get her finished. I’m working on the rooting now. And thank goodness it’s about done. My fingers are sore!!! LOL

She is turning out sweet. I like her hair so far.

I think she has lovely color. I am not sure about the current knoops vinyl but I know in the past it was a tough color to work with. The Luca is my favorite sculpt. Yours is looking fantastic so far.

Thanks ladies!! Yes i’ve had a hard time with her coloring. It’s been an experience working with this vinyl.