WIP Kyrie





That’s a lot of rooting! Very pretty! :heart:


She is cute! I just bought June, but now that I see yours I wish I had got Kyrie too.


She’s precious. I bought Kyrie and started painting her. But I ended up setting her aside. Mine doesn’t look anywhere as cute as yours.


Very nice job!


Thank you, still a learning curve.


Great job!


To me, the expression of the mouth is critical to the cuteness of the baby so I paint a light layer on the lips before I do anything else. That way, it’s easy to take it off and re-do it without taking off any other paint. When I get the mouth done to my satisfaction then I start the rest of the painting.


Maybe that’s what I need to go. I haven’t done her lips yet. But her mouth is what’s driving me crazy. That and the tip of her nose. The real baby appears to have a perky nose. The doll has a weird chunk of flesh on the tip that makes her nose look huge. I can’t make it look decent. :confused:


I don’t see a weird chunk of flesh on her nose in the above picture. Could it be a defect or does the doll just have a big nose?


Idk. Maybe I just have the shading wrong on mine. Mines nose looks huge


From the profile picture I’d say she has a pretty good size nose for a little baby.