WIP grumpy Scarlett

Working on grumpy Scarlett…


My first baby was Scarlet. Love!

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Awwww I love that @Mommarobin! Did you like her when she was done? I picked her because I thought her grumpiness would be a good challenge for me to make lovable!

I made a boy from mine


OMG he’s adorable!!! The freckles!!! :heart: I can’t believe you rooted your 1st, I’m such a slacker in the rooting department :joy:

I’m waiting for her to pop up on sale ha ha.

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That’s when I snatched up too! She has super awesome hands and feet…

(S)he has character! Love those hands!

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Yes! I think so too! I like that serious thinking face :blush:! Her fingers and toes are nice & detailed…


I don’t know why I never paid attention to her. Thanks to you I went and look at prototype pictures. Oh my! She is so versatile! Now I need to buy her!
And yes, her hands and feet looks so real that it’s hard to believe that they are sculpted.


Ohhhh exciting @YelenaRey! I know you’ll do something amazing with her! I’m loving her fingers and toes & she’s taking paint well. I think she’s versatile too…

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Thank you, now I need for Scarlett to go on sale. Do you have Paisley? She is another old, but amazing sculpt. Paisley was my second baby and I still in love with her. I would make Paisley and Scarlett as my grumpy-cute keepers :slight_smile: .

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Paisley is on my list! She was one of the faces I fell in love with years and years ago…

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I did Scarlett several yrs ago and I loved this kit. The vinyl took the paint so well! Here is the serious little dude that I did.


I love Scarlett! I made mine a boy and he was so grumpy!


@2layz please post your Scarlett!!! I love yours!


She looks so cute. I have a Scarlett test head that I need to get out and try to round her up some limbs.

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Here she is Nikki. I love this kit!


Oh my @rainbow!!! He is perfect!!! :heart_eyes:

Yes now I need to see her @2layz!!!

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