WIP Gena - First Time Doing Extra-fine Facial Hair

Hello! :smile:

As the title states, it’s my first time doing extra-fine facial hairs. I’ve done fine hairline hairs before, but that downy stuff on the forehead, ears, shoulders, etc. called lanugo. Here is a pic.

Opinions regarding any aspects welcome. I’m particularly curious about your opinions regarding eyebrows and lanugo on the forehead. Constructive criticism appreciated. Thank you.


I think it looks really good! :+1:

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Hi dc! :smile: Thanks, I appreciate your opinion.

It looks really nice!


You can’t see it in the first picture on my monitor, but the second picture looks good. I think lanugo and milia are hard to do.


I think you’re doing a good job! It looks great. Is it me or does her head look funny.

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Thank you, Amy! :smile:

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Like the shape it may just be the picture like the angle.

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Looks really good r u doing any on the jawline or ear lobs I have wanted to attempt this but have been to scared

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Thank you! I think on some monitors you would need to use your zoom to see it in the first one. You are right about them being hard to do. Milk spots make me dislike my dolls so I avoid them. They just never look right to me. It doesn’t help that I don’t like them much on babies, either, although I know they are common and I strive for as realistic a baby as possible. Mine just never look good to me.

Thanks. Yes, I agree the head looks a little funny in that pic. I was trying to get an angle with my Ottlite where you could see them well because at this hour there is no natural light at all. My camera kept getting in the way of the light creating shadows because the light came from above.

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Looking good!

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Thank you! I won’t lie, it can be difficult to keep your lines fine enough etc. but try it out. It’s easy to wipe off if you don’t like it. Good luck!
Oops…edit to add: I have not reached the ears or jawline yet. I wish I had a really good pic of it to work from… memory is not so good on jawline.

Thanks, Karen! :smile:

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I think you have done a great job, it looks really good. What color did you use? Did you do it with paint?

Thank you! Flesh tones straight from the jar, very fine brush.

looks great and what an added affect

You just made my day! Thank you! And have a great day yourself! :smile:

What color did you use?

Flesh 7 and 8.