WIP First Maggie


Hi All,

I am enjoying creating my first baby and getting to know the art of reborning. I love painting and have painted in many forms and mediums. I am working on my first baby and feel like she is missing something. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


The answer would depends on what you already done to her.


I already did my flesh tone washes, mottling, texture, veining and highlighting. Sorry the lighting is horrible in my work area.


I think she looks good. Maybe could use a bit more blushing and crease shading. A little thin gray-blue shading around the inner corners of her eyes and nose and the dip next to her cheeks between her nose and mouth will add to her realism. Go easy with the blue. It’s better to need a little more than to try to get it off if it’s too dark. I personally feel like less is better with Maggie. Overdoing makes her look fake to me.


Thank you. I agree. Wasn’t sure if the creases should be more pronounced. I’ve seen some done and feel less is more with her.


She looks awesome! Great job on your first!


You’re doing a great job! I’d add a bit of blue and then sponge it sonit is blended, in the deep areas around the eyes near the bridge of the nose to add depth.


Thank you for all the suggestions.


WIP Maggie. She’s all put together but not completely. I added subtle blue color because I personally do not like so much blue. It looks good in pictures but not in person. Will add eyelashes but not sure about brows. Any suggestions on what else may need to be done to make her look more reborn?



I think she looks great. Are you going to give her any kind of hair? Some light eyebrows would look good. Practice them on a piece of paper to see what shape and density you like.


Thank you. I tried light brown for brows it didn’t look so great. I would like more of a light color or blonde. I do not know how to get s blonde or fair color. I think the brows should be very sparse on my Maggie. Not sure about hair. I do have veining but it’s hard to see in the pics.