WIP: Faith 2.0

Poor Isaac is such a sticky mess that I set him aside for a while. He’s going to get stripped and re-done. In the meantime I’ve gone back to Faith, which is the poor girl I started with…before I realized that I was an idiot who didn’t understand what “very very thin layers of paint” meant, lol. She was a gunk-covered disaster!

Ahhh, but now…

…now she’s my sweet little freckle-face! I’m going for a pale Irish look, so this is as dark as she’s getting. I’ve done the blushing and light mottling, and added the freckles. She’s going to rest for a few hours, then she needs creasing, nails, lips, hair, eyebrows, and lashes. I’m going to do the hair, eyebrows, and maybe nails with Prisma pencils. I messed up Isaac’s lips trying to do them with Prisma, so I’m going to paint Faith’s.

HUGE thank you’s to everyone who told me to try the Golden Matte Medium. It’s unbelievable how different it is! Within 20 minutes of me priming Faith all the stickiness was gone. I even purposely primed her on a rainy, humid day to equal Isaac’s conditions. She’s not remotely sticky, while poor Isaac could probably stick to the wall like a static-y balloon, lol.

I learned a lot doing my two false starts. It also really helped to have a different kit to switch to when I got frustrated with Faith the first time around.

I’ll try to take a better picture of her with her freckled arms and legs later in the sun. :slightly_smiling_face:

ETA: It’s hard to see in this photo, but she’s got layers of freckles, not just those larger, darker ones.


I’m interested to see your nails if you do them with prisma!

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I love those freckles ! My son has red hair with a lot of pale freckles so I have a little bias toward them !
Young babies do not have them normally but who cares ! It’s adorable !

Yes when I have tried Golden medium my life (and painting) was suddenly so much easier !

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I have a few very freckled cousins who weren’t born with them, but developed them pretty quickly afterwards, and I’ve always loved the look. Something about Faith’s face shape just begged for a field of freckles!

You’re right – it was so much easier! I hadn’t been able to decide if I wanted to strip Isaac, but now I can’t wait to start him over again with the Golden medium. I know he’ll be so much better!

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Faith (soon to be Glynis) has gotten hair and eyebrows, and I got better photos. Hair and eyebrows are both Prisma. The hair has seven or eight different colors to make her sweet carrot top. Lips, nails, and eyelashes, then I’m on to assembling! I’m getting really excited — except I think I bought the wrong body. Oh, well. The one I’ve got will work until I can get the right one.

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Don’t forget to add some colour in the nostrils and ears to add depth, you’re doing great.

Forgot to put that in my post, lol. Yep, that’s on my list!

ETA: Duh, forgot to mention creasing, too. Can you tell I’m getting excited? She’s the first doll that’s going to actually make it across the finish line, lol!


Creasing, nostrils, ears, and lips are done! That’s farther than I’ve gotten so far. Nails are painted with the main color, but I’m going to Prisma the white on after they’ve had time to really dry.

Waiting to varnish is going to make me nuts, lol. I’ll put her up somewhere and strip and restart poor Isaac to make the time pass!