WIP Eliza

Starting Eliza. She was the second pick from the old kit paint party. I am going to attempt to recreate the same skintone that my Ginger had and I intend for Eliza to be a redhead. First step was 2 layers of Flesh 08 followed by a Cool Vein mottle and shading.


I always love your skintones, I need a peachtree tutorial!

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Raisin mottle and shading.


Indigo mottle and shading.


Aw, thanks! :blush::hugs:I don’t think I am good enough to be selling a how-to, but feel free to follow my blog or any one of my WIP threads. My blog has more details, including color mixes.

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I didn’t know you had a blog! I’d love to follow! I will start reading tomorrow :grin:

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Blood red mottling and pre-blushing. These are the eyes I intend to use.


Life got super busy and I did not update progress, but I am finished now. I let hubs choose the hair since he was always calling her “Fester.” He chose this flaming red that I wasn’t too sure about, but I made it work. According to my price calculations, she should be between $350-460. I am not sure how I want to price her because she is the biggest baby I have done so far and she took a lot of time compared to the small babies that I have been doing lately and I would love some feedback. Anyways, on to the photos!
Various outdoor lightings

Indoor lighting