WIP Chase Bonnie Brown


Here’s a sneak peek of my Chase by Bonnie Brown. I used a Realborn tummy plate too.
Thanks for looking! He will be getting medium brown hair. He’s so cute!


he’s adorable!! You’re making me want to start mine but I’m forcing myself to finish up all my WIPs first :tired_face:


Thank you!! He is so sweet you will have so much fun painting him!


He looks so lovely! Is he as detailed as Levi?


He’s so cute!


Thank you! He’s so sweet. Not sure about him compared to levi I’ve always wanted to do a Levi but never have yet


He is stunning


Gorgeous! Such a cute boy!




Fantastic skin tones, Katie! Love him! :blue_heart:


He is just beautiful :smile:


Such realistic skintone!


He’s amazing! How did you get such a great skin tone?!


His skin Tone is gorgeous!


Beautiful baby!


Hes beautiful…perfect newborn skin tone.


He sure is a cutie


I love your version…can’t wait to see him all done!

I started mine yesterday…love the hands and feet on this lil guy!


Thank you so much!!


Oh aren’t his limbs perfection! I can’t wait to assemble him. Don’t you just love the way his arms and legs curl right up? So newborn!!