WIP Berjusa

After someone mentioned Berjusa dolls, I had to look them up. Then I had to have one, so I bid on two and won both for $10 each! They are super orange, very soft, and kind of sticky, but they cleaned up well.

I did not neutralize it and started painting. The vinyl did not take the first layer of Flesh 08 well, but the second stuck better. The doll STINKS while baking. I then did a vein blue mottle, shading, and creases.

The details in this kit are superb. There are so many little dimples, contours, and sculpted areas. If these dolls were poured in modern vinyl, they would be right up there with the superstar sculptors. For the price, it is worth the stink and I am really enjoying the challenge.


I had never heard of these before. It’s a nice looking baby and good features. Not real dolly looking as some others. Can‘t wait to see her finished

What a fun project! Can’t wait to see what you do with it…

I used to have 2 different of these babies, and sold them just before I started reborning, bummer. I am so excited to see how this baby turns out, I am cheering you on!

I’ve looked at these on Ebay. Niw I definitely want to get one! Can’t wait to see what you do - it’s gonna be adorable @Peachtree!

(S)he will be gorgeous when you done! What a fun project!
How big is this doll?

This one is about 17." I have another that is 20."

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These are some of the ones we used in the beginning days. Berjusa and Berenguer babies.


I did not go through my whole photo log as this vinyl was really challenging and frustrating, but here she is. I learned a lot and I am glad that I did her. Her painted hair is the worst because it was impossible to paint over all of that molded hair. I have no idea how to price her. She has a full vinyl torso and is currently unweighted because I don’t know what type of customer she is destined for. Any pricing input is greatly appreciated :blush:


Because of you I ordered one of these dolls! Can’t wait to receive it and reborn it for myself! Yours looks amazing!

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Thank you! They are definitely a learning experience. I am going to bite the bullet and reborn the other one. I don’t know if I will do any more after this, but there is no other legit kit out there that is $10 for a full body vinyl baby. Be warned: if you use GHSP, the smell of these baking is nauseating and it does make my throat feel weird if I do not high-tail it away from the oven.


Thanks for the info!!! I will definitely bake in the garage. Was it difficult to take out the eyes?

So cute, for $10 that’s a great deal! Great job on the reborning.

She looks beautiful! My daughter would so love this baby, she carries around one that is still factory made (I am so NOT up to the challenge of painting it lol)
For pricing, I still wouldn’t settle for less then $175-$225. She is still reborned. If you look at all those who redo the LA newborn babies, they sale around $150 or so and this one is awesome!

Berjusa boy. Cool vein layer. Mottle, creases, shading.


I bought one off ebay awhile back and striped it and repainted and baked several layers several times and the paint wipes right off. Mine was a way darker skin tone that didn’t show up in the seller photos. I gave up until i had more experience but your right that smell is yukky