WIP AA/Ethnic Amelia: I did more shading and more blushing. Now Shiny

Please give me advice or opinion what colour do I need to make her look more realistic? Or is she good enough as I don’t want to get her too dark.

I’ve painted her with layers and mixes of Flesh 03, Flesh 02, Raw umber, yellow ochre, marine blue, crimson. I think I’ve painted 3 layers of flesh tones…

I didn’t do the mottling because her first layers of paint created a mottling effect(do AA toddlers have mottling? My daughter doesn’t)

Is the tongue and lip colour realistic enough? Any advice? I haven’t painted her teeth yet.

I had bad painting boobo on her fingers(she’s not for sale anyway. My third reborn painting)

Do her palms and under feet(same colour) need to be more pink?


He’s beautiful! Love the skintones!!:heart_eyes:

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@Harmieand and @Evee thank you

Hi I think I would put a light red wash on the palms and soles of feet if it were mine. I like your skin tones.Most AA or bi racial I know have more of a pink tone on soles and palms. My friends baby girls soles are super pink and she is a biracial baby. JMO Good job going to be a lovely reborn when you finish.:footprints::baby:


I think you’ve done a wonderful job…beautiful skintones!!!


@Shera1 point taken. I will do that. Thank you

@cherielynn09 Thank you

Comparing her to your skin tone, maybe some yellow?


I am not an expert but I would go a little darker on her top lip like yours. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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What colour should I use for her top lip? Flesh 02 with raw umber or Mars black? And should I use a thinning medium? I wanted her lip darker but wasn’t sure how to make it without making it black.

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Thank you so much. will keep that advice for my next doll to have a tone closer to mine. I wanted her to be their complexion or in between mine and theirs so will take a picture of her with my son or daughter. Somehow her face seems ligniter than her torso and limbs. I don’t know how but then I thought ahhhh some kids are like that. Like my son’s legs are darker that his face and body.:joy:That used to frustrate me and only if notice that.

Here’s my son and daughter. My daughter is also a little tone lighter than her brother. But this is a photo from last August.


I don’t know if you have done this step yet but adding more creasing and shading will help to add depth too

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I’ve done the creasing get and shading. Where else do you suggest I add it? Shading under the eyes? And some wrinkles over again?

They are beautiful!!:heart: baby girl would make such a cute chunky reborn kit oh goodness I hope you don’t think I’m weird for saying that haha I saw the chubbiest baby at the store the other day and my mind went automatically to oh my gosh if only they made a kit that darn chubby.

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:joy::joy::joy:As long as I’m in this forum I don’t find that weird. Hahaha!
I actually saw a chunky beautifully reborned doll with ginger hair today. I think the artist removed her post. She reminded me of my daughter.

Of course there is nothing like seeing it in person, but I think maybe adding more creasing in eyelid and around nose. She’s looking cute though. Can’t wait to see her all done :blush:


@ForeverFaith I use Air Dry. I make a tiny batch of the color that I used for her skin mixed with a drop of red and/or /purple and a drop of burnt umber or burnt sienna or both just depends on the color I am trying to achieve.

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Ok noted. I never shaded those two spots. I only did under her eyes. I will apply your advice,

Ok thank you I will note this for next baby as I mixed other colours since I just wanted to finish. I struggled with the smiling open mouth though.

I only noticed yesterday that my daughter’s lips are darker than her face just like my mom’s.

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@ForeverFaith They are both so cute and I love their outfits!

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