Oops, I was thinking brows. :smiley:


Her eyelashes are not in yet :slight_smile: I root them. Now, her eyebrows are painted on and then I used 3d texture medium to sculpt out little hairs into the eyebrows so that they look like hair and not paint. I also paint the fringe around the face because it helps to add depth around the face and to help guide me rooting the hairline.

Okie dokie! Next pics will be a fully finished head with eyes, and eyelashes!



Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her fully finished!


Great! Where can I find 3d texture medium?


I just mixed 50/50 genesis thick medium with thinning medium.


Okay, thanks.


Omg what a beautiful baby!! I’m in awe I just spent the last 40 mins of my life on this thread and goin back to look at sweet Elodie over again. Great work. So inspiring. I completely love your ideas for your box opening. I hope these questions haven’t been asked yet it was so many I dont remember but
1.)is this a custom or will she be going on eBay?
2.) Do you varnish ur kit before u start painting? If so if u don’t mind wat u pre varnish with
3.)did u use linseed oil to achieve this complexion?


Thank you so much!

  1. She is going to ebay :slight_smile: But first I am sending her to Jen Len with Creative Newborns to film a box opening of her before the sale.
    2)I do not varnish the kit, nor do I wash it. I have been told that the “dust” on the kit actually helps you to get a smooth complexion by a very reknown artist. However I do one wash of a flesh tone all over except hand, feet, lips to help the next layers to stick well.
  2. I did not use linseed oil :slight_smile: I only used a mixture of paint/paint thinner/ and thinning medium. I do 50/25/25 approx. Its the consistency of kinda thick buttermilk. It is not necessarily thinned out to a wash. Its more like really runny lotion. I have never had any problem blending it. If you do not mind a rough feeling baby, then you can skip the paint thinner and only use thinning medium to thin your paint ( A LOT OF IT) and you will have a blissful time painting and blending. But it does come out feeling like matte varnish. I dont like a rough baby, so I add in the paint thinner and use less of the thinning medium

*** She has like 10 mottling layers I do at the beginning as well like here is my levi I started. He is actually a bit further along but here is a pic of what I do before I start flesh layers.

And here is Elodie at the beginning with veins, some mottling, and the single wash that I do at the beginning. Its a AA darker coffee flesh 04 wash.


Funny my best dolls I didn’t wash first, then I kept seeing people say wash, varnish…etc but You’re such a sweetheart I noticed u don’t mind sharing. Thanks so much for ur response. I will be rooting her on on ebay who knows I may be a bidder :wink: great work.


On my first Elodie…here is when I used a TON of thinning medium mixed with paint versus this current elodie when I used some paint thinner. You will notice she is far more blended out evenly, but she was rough, so I am going to strip her. Well maybe only I can notice it, but I just dont like a rough baby haha!
Its really hard to strip away all this hard work so I have her put up for now until I decide to strip :frowning:


She’s beautiful, looks good to me. I say finish her… My last question because I am 100 question Suzy I know…Lol when u say paint thinner? Do u mean something like this


You need odorless.

I use Mona Lisa brand, others have mentioned Bob Ross


I use Masterpiece brand ? I think thats what its called from hobby lobby :slight_smile: BUT Mona Lisa actually may work best because it dries slower thus allowing you more blending time. Mona Lisa brand is also from hobby lobby


Perfect you answered my question that’s a big jug…lol thanks for answering all my questions and @jlesser thanks also hope u enjoyed ur birthday :slight_smile:


Not really. I was recently out of state and caught a cold. So I feel like crap :wink: But thank you. :heart:


I know this post is a bit old, but you mentioned that you don’t wash your kits when you receive them in the mail?. I actually heard that if you don’t wash your kits, the paint wont stick on doll with all the oils and dirt when people touched the kits before sending or shipping them off. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: But your dolls are really beautiful!!:relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face: