WIP AA (biracial) Presley Awake


I started out with the primary wages about 6 and nothing so I am doing burnt umber and raw sienna now thinking of going straight to burnt umber now!!


For this little guy I did a few layers of Flesh 04 no colors mixed in which I NORMALLY don’t do. Then few layers of Burnt Umber. I normally mix in Flesh 03 with burnt umber and purple to get my flesh color. I wanted to try something new on this one.

Your little is getting darker based on the the neck flange you can tell this. Try a few flesh layer and burnt umbers as well and she what you get.


Thank you so much for the tips​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I work in thick layers when doing African American reborns and I a ratio of Genesis Thinning Medium, the flesh color paint, little drop of gamblin gamsol, and a few drops of Linseed Oil. I mix my colors until it’s like the consistency of melted ice cream!