WIP AA Amelia: Please Help- I made her too red when sealing her

Ok I got thumbs up from most of you hear after I did the last layer on my Amelia. This is her on the last painting.

But then when I sealed her I followed Kim of CustomBaby.com on YouTube how she does her sealing mixture. I mixed thinning medium, matte vanish, the flesh color I used(03 and 02) and a little blush. She says matte varnish on its own can appear white and the blush is to avoid loosing the blush on the doll already painted.

oops I forgot to take out her small eyes.

How can I get the previous tones back. She doesn’t look that red on the picture but is red when you see her with the naked eye.


A thin green wash will neutralize red. But very thin. The coloring looks fine on my phone, though. The skin tone always seems to change a bit to me after it’s varnished and I don’t add any color to mine. I guess it’s something to do with the way our eyes perceive matte versus gloss?

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I believe Kim’s recommendation of her ‘secret sauce’ is for Caucasian babies.

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Thank you I will try that.

Yes true. I figured that afterwards :see_no_evil:. I will fix the paint tomorrow.
Thank you

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