Is there going to be a list of winners on the forum? If so, where?

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It is 4:05 Mountain Daylight time. I wonder if they were serious about it being Mountain Time, if that’s the case then we have another hour to wait.

I think that it is probably a mess to try to sort through all the entries in all the different places and to affirm that all the entries on the forum also asked to have emails sent to them for all of the kits that they were supposed to request email notification on to be considered in the drawing. It would be a nightmare and I hope @EmilyBB is not the only one working on it! YouTube, Google, and FaceBook and Twitter would be the easier ones to sort out!

There is now a thread announcing it @beth and we weren’t winners!

Where is the thread?

Nevermind… found it.

Realborn drawing winners! - congratulations![quote=“rose, post:10, topic:20287, full:true”]
Hi, I don’t believe you are that old! not fair to look so young. where are you looking for the winners.?