Will this get worse?

I bought a doll like this without realising will the problem get worse?


I think having more info with your post would help.

She bought a doll whose eye is not flush with the vinyl. (a gap)

She wanted to find an artist to help fix it previously.

Now asking if it will get worse over time.

Have you asked the artist how she inserts eyes?
If she went in from the front it shouldn’t move any further
If they went in from the back did they seal it closed? Was there space in the eye socket? Are they oval glass flat back eyes? (I always need to fill the space in the back when I use these)

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Ok I’ll ask her.

She says it is glued from the inside of the head.

Are they sealed? Were they oval?

I ask this because they are much thinner and do not fill the eye socket well

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