Will a regular any kind of convection oven work?

I Know people use convection ovens, does it really matter what brand?

No it doesn’t as long as it’s not a microwave and it’s big enough that you can stand the baby head up. I have a small one and my bigger baby heads are a little problem. I have burned my hand numerous times removing them. I would take my biggest head to see how it clears the heating element along with your hand. I wish I could find a bigger one!

this is a picture of mine…it has a Sam kit in it…and you can see how much bigger it is than the regular convection ovens

Carolyn what brand is that? From the front yours looks a lot like mine but seems much bigger. Where did you find one that size, if you don’t mind? I have hunted and searched trying to find a nice sized one, they just don’t seem to make them any more.

What do you do to prevent your bottom from burning? I see your tea towel do you have anything between that and the pan?

hmm…lemme go see…BRB

okay, I’m back…lmao
it’s a Hamilton Beach
Model 31197
Type 027 Table Top Oven
Series A 3360 BR

and here’s a link to it on the Hamilton Beach Website…
http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/pizza-oven … serie.html

you might could do a search and find one on ebay…
I don’t have a problem with anything burning…I just leave the dishcloth in there all the time…and I’ve never had a problem

I am going to check that one out! Thanks for the information too, is that with your temp set at 265 degrees?

I actually have to have my temp set to almost 300 to maintain a temperature of 265…but if you have an oven thermometer, you will be fine…just fine whatever temperature it takes…and stick with it…lol

yep…I just checked and Wal-Mart online has them and they are in stock…only cost $78
http://www.walmart.com/Hamilton-Beach-C … ductDetail

thanks I found that, so now I gotta check mine and go form there, Thank You so much1

That looks bigger than my oven too. I have a GE model and it is about the same width but not as tall inside. I like that one!

Here is the one I use. It works fine it is just a tight fit for a really big head.

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product. … d=12016177

QVC has a nice one on sale from Cooks Essentials. I really like mine and can fit the head and 2 limbs in at a time on most kits. Sherry www.cardsfortroops.org

Oh my gosh ladies! I’m gone for just a little bit and look at all this good info I’m missing!
I’m checking that oven out.
And ugh, no I haven’t done it. I have to go to the laundromat. My new w/d won’t be in till the 11th!!! Omg. We are an eight person family. It’s starting to look like we installed laundry carpet.
I guess I won’t get to work on her till tomorrow (dramatic sigh).

— Begin quote from "texangel"

this is a picture of mine…it has a Sam kit in it…and you can see how much bigger it is than the regular convection ovens

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that’s the oven i have, it’s great and roomy.

It looks like they have the one Texangel uses cheaper on the Walmart website: http://www.walmart.com/Hamilton-Beach-C … ip/4012129

I wouldn’t mind getting this one eventually so I would have more room inside.

Great idea! I got tired of waiting on them in the drainboard and baked them & it was all steamy. Also they didn’t get Totally dry because they sweated through my first few paint layers. Didn’t hurt the paint but really freaked me out when I pulled the head out of the oven and it was all covered in droplets of water. I thought all the paint would just wipe off! Convection would have been better for sure. And my oven has convection. DUH. Thanks for the tip.

Me too Angie, I did make some adjustments in mine and it helped as far as the height. When I find the picture (or I’ll have to take another one, I’ll post mine, it’s a GE! Still having problems with the bottom elements heating/browning the towel. Any suggestions? What do you have yours set on that prevents this…broil? Mine is on bake.