Wigs found thank you

I would like to buy clear cap wigs rosemarie

Hi Rose -

I think I have a pale blonde one - I think it is either 14/15 or 16/17. I’'d have to look, but I paid $30 for it - will sell it for $25(shipped).


Hi Judy, I need the 25-26 size. I don’t suppose you have blond eyelashes too. lol rosemarie

Wow, Rose -

I didn’t even know they make 25-26 clear cap wigs!! Sorry - can’t help you there.


I meant to say 15 -16. I am sorry for the confusion. rosemarie

ok Rose -

Let me check the size to be sure.


OK Rose -

The one I have is a Cassie Clear Cap PALE PALE BLONDE - size 14-15. Nope - don’t have any blonde lashes.