Wigs for big toddies

Has anybody had to wig a large toddler? Where do you get wigs big enough? Suggestions?

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I’ve bought wigs for Cuddles and Ladybug ~



I’ve bought from Monique too, but can’t find what I want…I need a REALLY big wig for dolls like Arianna and Katie Marie etc.

I just bought one for Arianna. I ordered it from China. I haven’t received it yet but should get it in the next week or two. Google children’s wigs and it will probably come up. I’ll be back I’m going to check my email to see if I can find it.

Is it the little dark haired, medium length wig? If it is, let me know what the quality is like after you get it. I was looking at it and it looked cute in the picture. I didn’t want a long haired one, but some of those were cute. I was looking at these yesterday but wasn’t sure. Sometimes the Chinese products are great, but sometimes they don’t resemble the pictures. I guess that’s always the risk factor when using the web to buy things.

I will let you know. aliexpress.com is where I got it. I hope I get what I saw. And not some crap. But anyway I will let you know.

I have aliexpress bookmarked for when I want a longer wig. I am really looking forward to hearing what you say about them when yours comes. How long will the shipping take?

I bought a petite wig and am planning on making any adjustments I need to after I get it.

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How did you make it? Is there a tutorial? I’d LOVE to be able to make my own wigs.@Mercy143

Thank you for taking the time to explain. I’ll check out the tutorials. :grinning: