Wig Advice?

I’ve always rooted my dolls hair, I like rooting, but I see toddlers with wigs and I think they look good, so I went ahead and ordered the twins some. The wigs will be here Friday! I once experimented with gluing wefts on a seconds doll, but I wasn’t happy with the outcome, the hair was too thick and difficult to comb.

What do you all use to glue those doll wigs in place, mod podge, e6000, something else? Do you put glue over the whole head, or just where the cap of the wig holds? Any advice on wigging a doll would be greatly appreciated!

The bald twins:

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I put a loose wig on my big girl and plan on using velcro to attach it. It’s very long hair and tangles easily so it’s easier to just take the wig off when changing her outfits.
For another toddler with easier hair I put the wig on how I wanted it and glued a strip on the front down with tacky glue. When that was dry I lifted the back and put glue over the head, under the wig cap, but not too close to the edges. Then I put the wig down in the proper position and put a tight hat on to keep it in place until the glue was dry.


I guess it depends on the type wig cap your wig has. If it is solid, I would glue it all over. But the wig I used was not on a solid cap. It was mesh, etc. So, I glued it down around the edges where it was solid. I am not sure if I used E6000, or something else. Others will probably pop in with more advice for you.

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Which sculpt are these?

They are both Tibby. The sitting one was a second quality, and her face looks different, but I like it, it’s more rounder then the normal Tibby, and the forehead is smaller and wider then the regular kit. It’s the first time I noticed a major difference in second quality kits.

They are adorable! When I did Juan (Pennywise lookalike) I used a wig and glued it on with E600 only around the perimeter of the wig. Then I rooted the top with the hair from the wig that I had to cut off.


Thank you! It’s mesh but not terribly long. I am going to do like you said and do the front then the back!

It’s mesh, I pretty sure anyways. Around the edges sounds like a plan then! I was worried about having to put it all over the scalp, That it might damage the paint or something.

He looks just like a baby Pennywise! I have some clear e600 so that sounds like what I should be using then! Thank you!

I use the E6000 glue. I start by doing a circular motion on the crown of the doll head. I place the wig on the head, press it down and let it dry overnight. Then I lift the edges and put the glue around the fabric inside and press down. Here’s my latest wearing a synthetic wig by Monique.


Pretty girl! @gail

Oh, she is pretty! Thank you for the great advice! I think I will add a bit at the crown to stop it from slipping around on the head!

thank you Anne!

thank you!

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