Why four days before I am to move half way across the country does BB decide to put Gabriel on sale!? UGH!! I’ve been wanting him for soooooooooo long! This stinks! =(

Ok pitty party over. Just had to get it out.

On an up note…we put the house on the market at $110K as a short sale on Friday afternoon and today we are only $2000 away from being able to sell it normally! We have over 15 offers in and are at $133k!! We are PRAYING that we can get between $135K-$140K because then we won’t have to short sale! eek!


Good luck on the house sale! I know BB is killing me offering all these kits right now. Wish they spaced it out a little! I ordered about 5 kits last week and am leaning toward getting cozy after looking at him again or precious gift if she is still there…too many choices!


That’s great about the house sale!
Property is finally moving again, albeit slowly, but moving in the right direction.
BB always does this sales thing to me when I haven’t any dolly dollars…so it is not personal to just you! LOL
I hope everything continues to go your way with the house and move!


I hope it all works out on the sale for you! That’s great news!
Maybe you could order the kit and have it shipped to family member to hold for you.


Maybe someone can buy one and hold it for you.


So great about your house! Ours sold in 6 weeks and we felt truly blessed. We’re moving to Florida on the 24th of July.


Huskergal, where are you moving to? Coming East? I hope you get your asking price for your house; real estate is starting to pickup around here, too. At least, I see fewer foreclosure notices in the newspaper.
I sympathize about the sales, too! I risked hubby’s wrath and ordered PG…I keep saying to myself…“it will go on sale again another time,” but I’ve been good with NOT purchasing for a while, and she is just about my all time favorite…soooo…
So just tell yourself, “it will go on sale another time…” small consolation, I know!


I know he will go on sale again eventually… I just hope next time I can afford to buy him =)

We will definitely get our asking price. We listed Friday afternoon for $110,000 and right now we are $23000 over asking and are praying for at least another $2000 so we don’t have to short sale. Our realtor is pretty darn sure we will get to that point today. We are originally from Nebraska and are currently living in Arizona. We are moving back to Nebraska and are leaving to move on Saturday. I was scheduled to work the entire day on Friday which is my last day and it’s the first full day I have been scheduled for in months. I thought that was really crappy of my supervisor since she knows we are leaving to move the next day. Oh well though. Can’t do anything about it now. I’m so excited to be done with the move an done with the house. =)