Why Is It "Some" Posts Get Answered Some Don't

awh thats sad. it sure as heck wasnt me who did that or if i did it surely wasnt intentional. dont leave. we can start a circle if you want to! im not sure if people are doing it on purpose or not i cant answer for them, but there are alot of nice ladies on this forum too. dont let the bad apples get you down.

I think Im a bad apple. At least i feel like one now.

I guess I’m not fully understanding. Are you saying no one responds to your own posts in the For Sale thread? If so, I myself just skim over titles to see if there might be something I can respond to. As for other threads, I don’t always get many responses. I guess it depends what you are looking for when you post. I think overall when it is an “opinion” situation people are a bit more hesitant. I know there have been a few times when things got a little “heated”, which causes people to pull back a little. Be open about what we can do for you. I think that has helped here. I believe we all come here with good intentions. Please share with us a little more so we can understand and change what needs to change.

I am sorry that the person did not respond to you in some way. That’s common curteousy. Stick with it. We would miss you. I like coming and reading what people are doing or showing.

I know that when I see something I want to buy under that category, I PM the person instead of posting a message. I’ve seen several people that will PM the seller and also write a message to let them know that they have setnt a PM. You can set your account to let you know when someone has replied to your post. If I am selling something and I get several PMs, I sell to the person that sent the earliest PM. I will put in my listing to “PM if interested.” I’ve had some people email me, but some messages have gotten lost. So, I prefer the PMs and consider those priority. After the item is sold, I will do my best to message back that the item is sold or update my post to show accordingly.