Why is bountiful baby removing my post about the resignation


power outage as per BB


Are you SURE that it was removed? Or could it just not have posted? That happens to me all the time to the point that if I write more than a line or two I will copy the post and then submit. If I don’t see the post on the board then I will go back and paste the message back into a reply window and try again.
If they did remove it…SHAME ON THEM! Unless you were terrible (which I can’t believe) then what would the motive be?
Just my two cents. I know how frustrating that disappearance into cyber space is…intimately!


I have to double check also since my internet connection is sometimes switching to local only and will randomly log me out of the forum. Usually I get the login screen again and again…


That doesn’t happen to me…but the losing a message on this board and on dollfan and on REAL happens more frequently than I would like. My husband says it has to do with servers and traffic and all that stupid computer talk stuff! In other words no one knows what goes wrong!
Victoria I wish you would reconsider. We love you and would miss you. I do not believe for one minute that BB would yank your message when there are down right nasty ones that go thru and are UP for days before someone says something.



We have not been deleting any posts.

Also, Bountiful Baby has never been involved with the “Baby of the Month Contest”. It was created, supported, and administered by forum members, completely independent of Bountiful Baby. We’ve watched it start and grow, but we’ve not been involved in any way.

Bountiful Baby