Why I would love to win a real born

I would love to win a real born baby because I I’m a loving caring mom to my children in real life & will treat a real born the same way. I am no longer able to have children and always been a Doll lover since I was a little girl. I’m praying I will win :pray:

@Veenus722 you have posted your entry in the incorrect spot and will not be entered in the drawing. You must post in this thread: http://discourse.bountifulbaby.com/t/reply-here-to-be-entered-into-the-bountiful-baby-realborn-give-a-way-drawing/19637/378

Additionally, you are entering a drawing for a RealBorn Kit (arms, legs, and a head) that will have to be brought to life with paints, a body, hair, etc… Should you win one of the drawings and you don’t want to paint the kit yourself, I am sure that you will find someone that would be willing to “reborn” the kit for you for a charge. Good luck, and reregister in the above thread.


I believe I posted in the correct spot now. If not please let me know again. Thanks

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You have now posted in the correct thread!

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