Why don't my dolls sell well?

Gentlemen, it’s been a while
I was a student, and I was in school to take the exam, so I didn’t get in well at the forum. :sweat_smile:

I wonder why my dolls don’t sell well. The prices of the dolls above are set in order $137, $155, $163.
Is it expensive for my dolls, just in case? Or isn’t my baby doll beautiful?,I made these dolls in the old days, I didn’t think my skills were too bad … I’m sad that my doll hasn’t found her for a long time … I want to find a better mother than I’ve only been in a room.,Would it help to sell them in Amazon?I only sold them in Korea :pensive:


Your dolls are cute, but the market is not very good right now. All of the scam sites have made people afraid to order reborns or think they can buy reborns for crazy low prices, and they get scam dolls. People are especially afraid to buy from Asia because of this.

If you want honest feedback, your doll in the middle doesn’t have very much colour at all, which might be turning off buyers! The others are kind of pale too. The hair on the top one is also quite thick and round, rather than looking like individual hairs.The middle doll’s eyelashes are rooted in the wrong place - that’s the top of the eyelid, not the bottom. I think you’re doing a lovely job learning, don’t be discouraged!


I could see people posting and being serious. :astonished: Well, that’s what happened, thank you for the details.,I think some young people in our country still want to buy low-priced dolls and low-priced dolls.,My dolls aren’t very real, but they’re expensive. I guess I focused on low prices because the dolls were not sold. :pensive:

Oh, my God. Thank you so much. :sweat: :heart:
I’ve never received specific feedback on my dolls, and thank you so much for being kind and kind, and I’ve gotten a lot of courage and knowledge from your feedback.,I admire you very much. I’ll study more and make more real dolls from what you’ve said in feedback. That’s really helpful. :heart_eyes_cat:
I’m going to focus on increasing my doll-making skills rather than focusing on selling and price. Thank you :pray: :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

It’s a translator.
My English sentence may be strange. I’m sorry :cry:


Market is flooded with doll and same as above written there are many scammers around now what makes difficult to sell .
With each doll you make your skills will improve . Ask questions with close up photos the same you did .
There are many tutorials on YouTube that can help.
Not every artist is rooting eyelashes … many are just applied.
Feel free to play around with the paints . Many thin layers .
Good luck !

There are a lot of bad people in the world
I don’t feel good about the number of people who are blurring the reborn doll market :cold_face: :exploding_head:

I thought I’d put my eyelashes on it, but I was afraid
I think I need to have the courage :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your feedback :purple_heart:

I’m ordering kits now! :laughing:
I’ve seen a lot of tips made on YouTube and other SNS while I can not make dolls! I’ll make dolls based on what I’ve studied and your feedback! Thank you! :heart_eyes: :heart:

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I agree with @beck. Some other suggestions:
Try some of the realborn sculpts. They have more detail and are more realistic. Add more layers and thinner layers. Add more mottling in different colors: red, pink, blue, lavender, darker purple. Just be careful that these layers do not get to thick. Be especially careful with blue. Add more thin layers of your creasing color. Keep going. Each baby will get better. :blush:

These are good prices for this skill level.

It is a competitive market out there so working on finding your own reborn “voice” might be something to challenge yourself with in the coming year.

I think babies need to stand out to get attention, if you have thousands of dolls to choose from you want a baby that isn’t like all the other babies.

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Put them on reborns.com, babies around 150 sell fast

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Wow, thanks for the good tip!! :star_struck:
I’ve colored a lot of colors, but something was a little weird, unlike my idea… :thinking: I’ve realized I’m still a lot of novices, I ordered a kit, and I’m on my way this time I’m going to color more colors and mottling!! :heart_eyes: :cupid:


I’m glad the price is reasonable for quality

I think it’s really real or fantasy to make my dolls unique, or I’m thinking a little bit about what other painting will be unique. :joy: :point_right: :point_left: I think it’s most important to make a lot of dolls before that and increase my doll making ability!! :flushed: :heart:


Oh, I know that site! :smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I recently joined PayPal with my parents’ help and joined the site, but I misinterpreted my writings because I paid for them. :cry: I’m still a student, so I can’t focus on dolls. :face_with_head_bandage: Shall I pay for the new mothers of babies? My doll hasn’t found her in a long time. Baby now has to find a new good mother :sweat: :breast_feeding: :orange_heart:

You are right, your style will start to develop, it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. The good new is that its a super fun 10,000 hours.


Oh, my God! Yes yes :hugs:
I’ll need a lot of time to learn a lot of skills. :partying_face: I want to make a lot of dolls for that 10000 hours :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: