Why do they do this? grrrrrrrrrrr

Her: Is that A/A baby still available.

Me: Yes she is still available and is on sale.

then I never hear from her again!!!

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What’s worse is when you have an Ebay BIN with best offer and someone makes a best offer and you accept it and then they never pay for it! That is what I got going on right now for some parts I sold.

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Very frustrating! I’m currently dealing with a non-paying bidder on ebay. Why bid if you really aren’t interested?

I honestly think some of these bidders have nothing better to do than bid and forget about it. They think they got something over on someone, and it makes their day. It makes it bad for the bidders that have either no feedback or less than 10 positive feedback.

Just as some people brows B&M stores and do not always buy. Most people will look at all the dolls available, select several they like, if all the info they wanted was not in the description they ask questions, and only then decide which one to buy. To spend several hundreds $ is a big decision for many people. Just be glad that your doll is being looked at.

Well I have come back to say that after filing a NPB I finally got paid today. Still not a word of explanation from the buyer though.

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At least you got paid - Yea!!!

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