Why are reborns such a touchy subject with people?

Some people think they are cool and are fascinating while other people think they are weird. I post photos of babies I have made on my facebook page. Some people tell me how cool and beautiful they think they are and are really interested in them. Then I have heard from other people, that people think Im weird for posting the photos of my dolls. Ok, most of us know that they are not REAL babies. Its art. And Its beautiful art. How is that weird?

I know what you mean. Some people think they are beautiful while others just think they are ‘creepy’, ‘weird’, etc, but - you know, everyone has an opinion.

Also I think when some people say they are creepy they mean it in the way that they are so real looking.

Just take it with a grain of salt; there are more people out there that love them than dislike them.

I once had a lady tell me at a doll show that the dolls were creepy, but I heard her whisper to herself, “I want one.” Although I am not selling reborns or even making any at this time, I have found in the past that when people commented about the dolls being too real an effective response was, “Just like an oil painter tries to achieve the most realistic portrait possible, the reborn doll artist is trying to create realism. We are making 3D art.”

Well, I take it as a compliment when people call them creepy and I take it with a grain of salt when 2 ladies asked me why would you want one or make them. What I do take offense to is when some one want to use them as a joke, it is one thing if someone wants to show the doll as if it is a baby and it fools someone but these people suggest holding the baby by the feet or dropping it on the floor. Does anyone else share my lack of sense of humor?

I agree totally, Denise.


Handy Denise—I totally agree. A few years ago I had some of my babies at an outdoor event. One lady bought a berenguer preemie that I had made. She took it over to her adult daughter and in the course of events pretended to drop it. She actually let it fall to the ground. Her daughter screamed and carried on. The mom thought this was so funny. Guess what she did over and over and over. I so badly wanted to just give her the money back and save my baby. I think the big problem is ignorance. When I have a show, I try to have either my laptop or some kind of display that shows the process. I even take a partially rooted head, my needle and mohair to demonstrate. I am on a campaign to educate the broader community.

OMG I would have been mortified to witness such a thing.