Why am I being ignored by customer support- postings deleted

I have emailed customer support numerous times to no reply I posted my concerns on the announcements forum about the new vinyl colors and now they have deleted it! I have been sent seconds damaged kits instead of firsts that I ordered and paid for! The following is a copy of one of the messages I have sent. They are all about the same. Please tell me if you or someone you know is having this same problem because my next stop is BBB.

I have written once already and received no reply. I have placed many orders with you in the last several months spent several hundred dollars. The first kit I received with my starter kit was very obviously damaged on the end of her finger. I thought maybe it was overlooked did not have the time to return her. So I advised the buyer and issued partial refund. However I noticed on the next four I recently ordered that 2 of them are damaged one has a slice across one of the legs and another has a hole in the ear tip from a bubble! I think your kits are affordable and cute but not at the price of losing my customers or my reputation as an artist. I sell custom reborn babies and they are supposed to be first picks not second or third! I need a reply as to why this is going on and what will be done about it. I feel compensation is in order or replacement of the 2/4 kits because it is misrepresentation and false advertising to sell seconds and firsts. You should also know there has been a lot of forum talk about this exact issue.

Greed will lead to one’s demise. Standards should be kept high to keep customers because it can take weeks even months to get a customer but only “seconds” to lose one!


Nobody is ignoring you.

You say you sent multiple emails to customer support. We received only one email from you, and it was sent during the weekend (Saturday night, 12/1/12 at 9:51 PM our time), when customer support was closed. That is our only recent email from you. And, our records show customer support answered your email today.

Note also that Monday is always a very busy day, because we have to catch up from all of the weekend.

Bountiful Baby

The only time I have ever had a problem BB was wonderful and sent a new part. I even thought I had bought a seconds kit and they corrected I bought a first. They are wonderful.

I am a BB customer for long time. Never had problem.
Recently two of the four kits I bought, came with defects. I noticed when I was already baking so I decided try to fix it. One had the end of the arm rapped, I could glued that. The other one has a problem in the end of the finger, I will be not able to fix it, so I will need to offer as a Booboo. instead all the kits I bought were seconds, I am sure that if I had noticed before and let BB knows about it, they would sent the part for me.

Never had a problem with BB. Response has always been prompt and fair. Give them an opportunity to be fair to you too.

NEVER had a problem with Bountiful Baby

Been shopping at BB for years and never had a problem. They’ll take care of you.