Whoa! Tiny! Caleb just arrived! (a question too)

WOW! Caleb just arrived and he is SO TINY! I was debating between him and Lulu, what a size difference! He is so precious!

Does anybody know how much Celeb would have weighed if he was a real baby?

And any pics of reborn Calebs to share?


Caleb was my first reborn. I weighted him to around 1 1/2 lbs :blush:


WOW! That seams to so TINY! I was 4 1/2 pounds when I was born even being born early!

Here’s a size comparison, Between Caleb (13-14 inches),Asher Asleep (19 inches) and Libby (22-23 inches)
Caleb is a tiny little guy


WOW! What a huge difference!

My niece was born at 29 weeks and was 2lbs 11oz and 13 inches long. I would say around that would be a good weight. I remember looking at her for the first time thinking she was smaller than the “small” babydolls I had as a kid.

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So so adorable!!

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Thank you Jackie!:smiley:

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I think tho with weighing reborns, if you want it to feel like a 4 pound baby then 1 1/2 to 2 pounds is a good weight bc reborns are dead weight and a real baby weighing 4 pounds is water weight and a moving living baby and is not that heavy dead weight like glass beads fiberfill and vinyl parts. I read on auctions that 21inch babies are about 4 pounds or so but feels like an 8 pound real baby would.


My friend’s baby was 15 inches long, when she was born. She weigh 2 lb 4 oz. I hope that helps.

I have been saying the same thing for years. It has to do with muscle tone. Even a sleeping baby has muscle tone. Reborns don’t. That’s why I don’t weight reborns the same weight that a real baby of comparable size would weigh. I have customers, who will insist that I weight the doll 6-8 lb for a newborn, etc. I tell them to hold a 5 lb of sugar or flour to 10-15 minutes and then get back to me.


A 13 inch preemie would weigh about 2 pounds, give or take a few ounces. I weight my 10 inch babies just over 1 pound.

Haha! That’s exactly it! I was trying to find the words I was meaning to say but you said it! Baby’s hold their arms, legs and neck/head a bit even if they are tiny tiny. A bag of sugar does not!
When i bought my first reborn, I had asked for her to weigh what my daughter did when she was born which was almost 8 pounds, I didn’t realise if she weighed the reborn to be around 4 pounds on a scale that that would feel like an 8 pound baby, but I understood it when I received her.


I had a customer, who was just insistent that I weight her doll to be 7 lb 8 oz. She just would not take no for answer. I did it. Then, she called me to ask me if I would remove some of the weight. I sent her some zip ties and told her to do it herself.


Haha! I’m so Glad I listened to the lady who reborned my first ever reborn bc I would of been very unhappy if it was 8lbs of glassbeads and fiberfill! But then again if I insisted then it’s my own fault, like the customer you had. I would of done the same thing, sent the cable ties instead of shipping the whole doll back and forth when it could of been avoided in the first place if she would of listened to what the artist was telling her!


Some people are really stubborn. They don’t take no for answer. They can be picky to the point of their own detriment and my utter frustration. This is why I will only be doing customs for certain people after I finish this last one. I’ll mostly be selling on Ebay.

These are my Calebs. He is so cute, I did my first one many years ago and very prem colouring. the second one was custom portrait order and she wanted open eyes as her baby was born sleeping and she wanted to remember her but not sleeping so I opened her eyes.

Best of luck with your caleb.
And yes weighing I half what my client says. If you want 10lbs I make a 5 lb baby. I do have the ones who insist, I tell them I will weight to what I feel is best for the doll, if you really don’t like it send it back free of charge I will pay shipping to weight it more. Never once have I got a doll back! Lol


I love the open eyes!!! :heart:

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You did such a nice job on those open eyes.

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