Whoa BABY! WIP ONLY still working on shading


I just had to share before I finished. I’m still working on shading so I know there are hard lines that I will fill in and soften later but, THIS IS A BIG BABY.!!! He’s supposed to be 21 inches yet he is bursting out of a size 1 diaper. My mind is baffled about his size in comparison to other kits and bodies that claim to be the same length. Ok had to get that out there.


Looks awesome!
I love those legs! So cute!


Great job!!


Beautiful skintone :heart_eyes:

@BusyBeeNursery this looks like the skintone you’re hoping for. Maybe Renee @Satinysilke can offer you some advice :blush:


Thanks @Summer and yes if she (@Satinysilke) don’t mind I would love some advice. Beautiful skin tone


You make beautiful babies!! I hope to get to this point someday


Thanks for the compliments everyone! I really appreciate it when I get compliments on my work and to even be recommneded to give guidance to anyone else is even a bigger deal to me. So thanks to all that thought enough to recommend me.

I am just a beginner myself but I am more than happy to be of help. As everyone knows, it is not easy to get a perfect AA skin tone. Just as a reminder to myself, I have 3 boo boo heads that sit next to me as a reminder of just how hard it is.

Trial and error and more of the same. It took me forever to learn that the AA skin tone for me doesn’t come from the first layers that have been applied. The inital layers are only the complexion layers wich is only a base to the AA skin tone itself. The shading color on the other hand is what gives that AA look. Not sure if this makes any sense but if you paint your base (base=complexion) then top it off with your pattern color (pattern= and meaning shading area) The shading area will be a large area where the darker shading AA mixutre is applied. Much like the method used in some of the AA painting tutorials.

This mixture is thick like the consistency of ink and is applied with your brush. I apply the mixture with a mop brush and work quickly and pounce evenly so that the area is well covered. It is hard to explain but once you have the hang of it you wont make the same mistakes that you have made in the past. I think just for someone to explain it won’t work. You have to try it and get comfortable with it. You will mess up plenty of kits trying and testing your technique. Although I never have used test parts, I strongly suggest that you those instead of messing up kits like have over the past year. To date I have messed up 5 kits. 1 is trashed and I won’t ever attempt to paint that kit again lol.
1 is a kit that really don’t care for. So I have decided to make it into an alternative. Two are sold out limited edition kits w/coa’s that will be stripped and repainted. 1 is a bountiful baby kit that i will strip as well.

When using a shading mixture that is thick, you must work quickly and evenly. If you stop for even a minute that’s it. The paint dries pretty quickly mainly because the paint versus thinner ratio is way different from your washes and base mixture.


Do you use linseed oil? Just curious. Your baby looks so smooth and it has been suggested. Did you use several layers?


I do not use linseed oil and that’s probably about five or 6 layers only in total.


WHATTTTT. I don’t get it. LOL I have used atleast 12 layers on my baby and it is still pale!!! How does your skin look so smooth. I asked Carrie the same thing, her babies are smooth and beautiful and my baby is pale after 12 lol, rhymed in my head.


Aw he is super cute


Maybe your paint is too thin. Your complexion layers should be a little thicker than milk and your shading layer should be the consistency of ink (it should not run when you place it on the vinyl) it should be movable but not runny.


yeah mine are like water lololol


That’s it then… go thicker and don’t be afraid just pounce like crazy lol


I swear my baby doesn’t look smooth like yours ughhhh. I am not good at it being thicker constancy


Practice on a test head or limbs


Lol now why didnt I think of that lolol


I’m going for a light skinned AA baby like this baby’s skin color:




I use linseed oil a lot in my African American baby painting and it helps alot.:wink::grinning:


You can add some Thinning Medium to your paint mixture for a thinker consistency😉