Who sold body patterns

the ones that bought body patterns , did you like them, and was they easy to use, thanks in advance,

I have a book from Felicia and is great, but bought patterns from Chelle and I LOVE THEM, I been using them religiously… very nice instructions and measurements…
CArmen in nj

is she on this forum??? ty

let me get her email for you…
CArmen in nj

I love both pattern makers and use both depending on what look I am going for. Chelle’s is just a tad harder to make than Lilbitts pattern book but it really all depends on how well you know how to sew. Between both, you can make a lot of different bodies for your babies.

I bought patterns from Chelle’s Babies Nursery and love that her’s doesn’t have frog legs. I really don’t sew but after looking at it just think I maybe able to make bodies. If not I know my daugher wouldn’t mind making some for me, just have to tell her first.

thank you all so much, I’ll try to get hold of one of them,went to chells store, but said it wasnt all set up yet, or somthing like that,

I went and looked on ebay and all of her body pattern auctions have expired but she has a baby on there right now so you could email and ask her that way. Here’s the link:
http://cgi.ebay.com/Laura-Tuzio-Ross-Sh … 27b03ff4a1

She has two sets of patterns listed now on eBay. I loved the body she made for my Ava Raine so much I just bought both sets. My Ava can wear onesies! Very happy about that!

I have an Ava Raine what size in inches and type of body did you use on her?
Thank you,

Hi Debi. Actually I didn’t measure it, I saw pics of another Ava with it. She will send you pics or I can find the old email & get it. She ended up the proper size I do remember that (is it 23"?). She’s gone to live with my niece now. I’ll try to find pics but might be tomorrow.

Chelle63876 is her username on here. I’m sorry I don’t have the pics anymore. I can ask my niece to send a pic of her without clothes but I’m not sure I’d trust her measurements as she is 15 lol.
Hugs, Nicole

Thank you Nicole for trying to find out for me.
I have the chelle pattern for a 19-20" baby with full legs that come out the front but dont know how much bigger to make it.
If you come across any measurements please let me know.
Thanks Debi