Who is your problem child?


I’m over here with Ellie Sue about to have a fit. Twin B gave me issues right before Ellie Sue so he ws our down. Joseph BB paints like a dream. Which baby did you love but gave you sooooo much trouble?


This baby! I struggled so much with the colouring and then again with varnishing and then I struggled again with deciding if it should have hair or not, and then lastly, I struggled with the gender. Every other person says girl, but I see a boy


I called Miranda my problem child. But she turned out cute. Just not what I had planned when starting.
Now she is loved by her Momma. :slight_smile:


Mine is Holly. There is no way I can make that baby look real.
Luckily he’ll be a keeper character baby, but still.


She is one of my favorite babies made. She was brilliantly made and I know more kids and mom’s would want her. Love your work.


Isn’t it frustrating!!! Especially when you have an idea in your head and it doesn’t turn out.


Sleeping Thomas is being a problem child right now. My other thomases didn’t give me trouble but this one is.

I love Miranda both asleep and awake!


Very cute!! Who is that??


ESME cassie brace


Lulu gave me the most trouble. I swore I would never paint another it was so bad.


Lorena Mae Paulger. The kit coloring was aweful and I’ve never seen another that was her exact vinyl coloring. Hard as a rock too. I made her aa and I missed her so much I bought one completed when I happened upon her on ebay…but she’s still not the same as my Varina.


Mine was Tori by Ping Lau. Her paint wouldn’t take and once she was painted she had fine lines that went up and down so once she was painted you could see them. Or at least I could. Her head was thick in parts that I ended up painting it. She was for my mom for Christmas. For all the problems she caused me I love how she turned out.


Agree! I love painting Joseph! Ana gave me quite a bit of trouble…


She turned out beautifully.


Thank you! My mom loved her :grinning:


Oh I still love her. She is so sweet!


This guy was mine, and actually still is. I’ve never done a Kewy kit before and don’t know if they are all like his, but he looked like he had cellulite. Plus the paint just didn’t go on well and the body he came with just doesn’t look right. I’ve still got him and not going to sell him until I feel like he’s more of a charmer. Going to try a new body and see if I can get him looking like someone would love him



Mt Kewy kits have cellulite also lol. I originally thought the kits were damaged, but after asking around I found out that a lot if not most of her kits were made that way. Maybe an attempt at baby fat?


Babies have cute fat rolls not lumpy ol’ cellulite. I don’t know why it’s like that but it sure is strange to work with! Glad to know I’m not the only one though!


I’m currently working on my problem child - Reike by Linda Scherer. I’ve been trying to make her into a fairy with a snow white complexion. I could never build up the white without it looking chalky. In hindsight I would have done better using a kit with pale vinyl rather than this orange-y one, but her face seemed perfect for my fairy! I’ve already stripped her 3 times! I’m working on my 4th attempt, this time using Che’air dry paints. It’s going much better (don’t think I’ll strip her this time thankfully) but she’s still not going to match the image in my head!