Who is this?

Somehow I got on this person’s email list and I got notice about this cute kit coming out. I might order it if I know it is not anyone associated with RDK. Does anyone know?


I’ve never heard of them. That’s a cute kit and the price is great too!

Is the price of $38.00 the full price or the pre order only? What would the full price be?

The website says that is the full price.

— Begin quote from ____

This is the name of the owner of the company Michelle Bunnell- Owner

— End quote

That name doesn’t ring any bells with me. Is that good or bad?

I emailed her back and asked her how I got on her list and to verify the price of the kit. She said:

— Begin quote from ____

Yes, 38 is the full price of the kit. Angela, I don’t remember either. I am Glo Towle and I make polymer clay babies.

— End quote

I don’t normally do pre-orders but I went ahead and got one of these since the price was so good. Shipping for me was $12 but overall the total price is still not too bad.

Michelle has a post on DF about her company:

http://www.doll-fan.com/viewtopic.php?f … 3#p1800233

I have ordered from her before. She is NOT associated with RDK in any way, shape or form.

What size limbs does she have? She is pretty cute. DEE

Good to know Gina!

I asked her if she had a pic of the limbs and she said not yet but that the baby would be on Ebay on Sunday so we could see them then.

I just went on and ordered mine because I figured at $38 they won’t last long and the face is pretty so I took the chance.

Yeah, that’s the same thing i was thinking. DEE

I have one of her polymer clay babies I got off ebay.