Who is this?

Somehow I got on this person’s email list and I got notice about this cute kit coming out. I might order it if I know it is not anyone associated with RDK. Does anyone know?


Is the price of $38.00 the full price or the pre order only? What would the full price be?

The website says that is the full price.

— Begin quote from ____

This is the name of the owner of the company Michelle Bunnell- Owner

— End quote

That name doesn’t ring any bells with me. Is that good or bad?

I emailed her back and asked her how I got on her list and to verify the price of the kit. She said:

— Begin quote from ____

Yes, 38 is the full price of the kit. Angela, I don’t remember either. I am Glo Towle and I make polymer clay babies.

— End quote

I don’t normally do pre-orders but I went ahead and got one of these since the price was so good. Shipping for me was $12 but overall the total price is still not too bad.

Michelle has a post on DF about her company:

http://www.doll-fan.com/viewtopic.php?f … 3#p1800233

What size limbs does she have? She is pretty cute. DEE

Good to know Gina!

I asked her if she had a pic of the limbs and she said not yet but that the baby would be on Ebay on Sunday so we could see them then.

I just went on and ordered mine because I figured at $38 they won’t last long and the face is pretty so I took the chance.

Yeah, that’s the same thing i was thinking. DEE