Who here bought WBT?

Hi Everyone,
It is so great to be back to this forum!
Just out of curiosity, who bought WBT (Welcome Back Taylor- Tamie Yarie)??
Who has started working on her as of now?

I can not wait to see progress photos!!


I got her, but I don’t think I’ll be able to work on her until after May, although I’m dying to!

I’m still waiting for mines in the mail. not sure when i’ll start, b/c i have 6 others needing rootng, and 4 toddlers to paint.

Wow, you ladies are BUSY! HEHE…I am not too sure when I am going to start mine either. I want to work out some of my low priced kits first so I have room for new ones to come in as I am sure all my Yarie’s may end up being forever babies…

Can’t wait to see who else purchased this kit.

I bought two one for me and one for my daughter but don’t know when we will get to work on them. Hope not to long from now.

I bought one too. Should have gotten myself two though because I bought her to sell and now I want to keep her…UGH Guess we will see when I get the chance to reborn her how I feel (and how the market is).

Yeah, that is why I am trying to just start up with some babies that are lower end kits. Something not so high priced that way with the market the way it is it is okay if the babies are not selling too high on ebay.
I think I will continue finishing my solid silicone, and then get to work on a couple BB kits.

I have the first “Taylor” kit by Tamie, can you tell me the difference in the old Taylor and her new sculpt?
I am also saving the higher end kits for when the market get back up hopefully I won’t be to long. I just refuse
to sell any babies for practically nothing, if they cost me very much.

I feel the same way about not selling babies for next to nothing if the kits themselves cost me a decent amount.
The difference between the first Taylor, and WBT is mostly the mouth. The first Taylors mouth is open more, as the new one has a sucked in lip. Both kits are very cute. I have both and will be doing them as twins.

I have mine I only got one, wish I would have bought 2. the one I bought is for me… I’m doing a portrait baby of my daughter I used the first taylor as a portrait baby of my oldest daughter and WBt matches my other daughter…I will show pics of both when finished:) I’m working on Piper right now…

I bought one and I too wish I had bought two. I’ve almost got his/her painting finished but have a custom I must finish first. Can’t wait to see everyone’s WBT! I look on ebay everyday to see the new ones that pop up

She is my next to reborn. I’m working on Max Yarie right now!!