Who has been your most favorite kit so far from BB's?

I think mine has to be Gena. She has a beautiful face and I just love it!

Libby is next because I love her size and her chunky legs.


Meg and Cuddles

tough one! I havent done cozy yet but love the face. i am going for puddin precious gift libby

Rosebud!!! Libby… Oh i have too many!!! Cindy Musgrove is an amazing sculptor!

Cozy is my favorite, followed by Tibby and Gabriel.

I honestly can’t say which I love the most…I didn’t like Aubrey at all until I made my Harry Potter and now she is one of my favorites… right now I am finishing up a Shyann and I am in love with her. I tend to be in love with my ‘baby of the day’ and I KNOW I will fall in love with Cozy and Tristan (if they ever let us have him!). So that is not an easy question to answer. Ask again tomorrow Diana I may have a different answer for you.

Shyann has always been my favorite but now Cozy is running a very close race!!!

I havent reborn any of the newest ones except for Hannah. I love Hannah, Avery, and Shyann out of the ones I have reborn so far.

I think my all time favorite is Cozy, but I also love the Raine sculpt. Trouble picking just a few, because I think they are all so beautiful.

Yes, it is hard to pick just one.
Maybe we should do a favorite of the week, post.

I love Tory’s face but have done her with Aubrey/Sophie limbs each time I have done her. I also really like Honey’s face and I love Libby right now too.

I have really enjoyed reborning Hannah. I never really liked her too much, she has a scared look on her face, but she’s really growing on me. I haven’t had any obstacles painting her at all. Some kits just give you a fit to paint.

I agree with Diana! Need to just pick one for the week. So many talented sculptors and reborn artists out there who show us so many beautiful babies. Funny how sometimes you’re not crazy about one until you do it yourself — then you appreciate the face. I didn’t think Puddin was one I’d want to do, but then I fell in love with Puddin and can’t keep my hands off her! Same with Libby - she was just so much fun to do and I enjoy her as well. Little Connor was a dream to do and (Yah) that one sold today. I’d love to do Meg as well, and although I’ve not done Raine, but he is one of my top favorites not only because it is a sweet face, but he actually resembles my cousin’s little boy enough to be a twin. Oh here I go again, just rambling. Sorry

Kaya Kaya Kaya… Maybe because she was my first kit but I can not wait to do another… I bought a Gena for Christmas and after that I plan on doing a Gabriel…

Kay - I just LOVE your Libby as a boy!

I really love the little face of Shyann but not crazy about the small limbs on her. My most favorite is hmmm, I cant pick

Of the new additions (not yet available) I love Holly & Heather. Donna Rupert sculpts seem to call my name!

I know he isn’t a popular choice, but tanner was the first reborn i ever saw, and the one I like the best…I also love all the small and big toddlers!!!
Hugs, barb

I love Connor, he was my first and I have done 3 of him so far. and I really enjoyed doing Kyra as a blonde, and Honey also as a boy. Really like Byronhave been in loce with Kyle and Kitten. OH…Tanner is also right up there at the head of the class too!