Who else films at the Doll Show?

In my “I an new post” I mentioned that the Patsy Family talks about the Rose Doll Show. They filmed a little bit there does anyone else here on the forum film there too when they go? Or does Rose pick certian people to film or can anyone film while attending? Also can you take pictures there or just the company? Sorry if I have missed the thread on this topic. If I have missed it can someone redirect me to the correct thread? The show looks like a lot of fun from what I have seen.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Everyone can take video and pictures.
@LynnW takes lots of videos Little foot nursery on youtube), she has a Rose playlist


Many many people take video, I saw tons of youtube videos covering mostly the entire event.


Yes same at the Orlando show. Oh what fun that was!

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Thank you all! You’re so very helpful :heart::heart:

Thanks! Yes, I have filmed the last three shows. If you type in “Rose Doll Show Little Foot Nursery”, all of the videos should come up. Include the year also if you want a specific year. I filmed during 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Thank you!