Which Rubert Big Baby is your favorite?

Which Rubert Big Baby is your favorite?

Yep! I picked Cookie too! Because I was just looking at the all kits like I always do and I was like wow! Cookie is so darn cute!

I LOVE Cuddles. I must be really odd, Cookie is my least favorite. She’s the only one I have not done, besides the new ones. I have done two Cuddles, one Kitten, one Ladybug. I just got Annie and my next order for Cuddles and Kitten is on the way.

Cuddles is so sweet! I love her little 'tude with her bubba lip sticking out! She’s darling. And Ladybug is beautiful. I think Kitten is pretty too, but I like Cookie because she is silly!

I have never got to reborn ANY of them yet! Just got my Annie, so she’ll be my first Rubert Big baby!

mind is holly