Which realborns should wake up


So, it seems to me that Asher Awake and Kase are situations where they took a sleeping scan and then molded the eyes… (Or used a computer program to take an open eye scan and just change the eyes or something?)

Anyway, it seems the face shape, ears, mouth, everything is the same except the eyes…

In this case which sleeping realborns would you like to see re-done with sculpted (or added) open eyes?


Come to mind.

Landon: larger baby, little chunk

Charles: I like his lips, would make a good awake.expression simmilar to Emmy.

Reese: I just love that little mouth.

Perscilla;. She is almost smiling.

Who do you think would make a good awake baby as is (just sculpt the eyes)


Reese! He is so precious


Landon definitely! Such an adorable chunky guy, he could pull off open eyes :heart_eyes:


Yes…Landon…fingers crossed!




Joseph Awake coming down the road is the best awake realborn I have seen. I am sooooo excited to get this one. He is smiling :slight_smile:


Woah!!! Wow!!! Squeee!!! <3. <3

When is he coming out??




Got any more pics?


Landon, Kimberly and Summer Rain


Coming Feb 2018 I think…


Thank you!!! I am someone who BY FAR preffers realborns… And by far preffers awake babies (tho summer and Reese have captured my heart even asleep) so I am super excited for him!!!

Also I thought a genuine smiling realborn was too much to ask for due to the stay still factor!!!


He is so cute, I can’t wait until he comes out :smile:


Any idea when he is coming out?


He is not on their list yet. But the ones that are go clear til Feb. So I assume around then…


Omg… he is adorable!!! Love the asleep version, will love this one too!!


Summer Rain


I would love to see Chunky Monkey Landon awake.