Which paints should I get?


I’m looking to add some more GHSP colors to my collection. Right now all I have for paint is what the BB starter kit comes with. Some of the colors I like, while a few (like the orangey blush) I can’t see myself using as I get better at reborning.
What paints do you guys think are the most important to have. Which colors do you swear by?
Sorry for all my questions the last few weeks! Just excited to learn and hear from you all!


Burnt umber. Not sure if you have that one but I use it quite a bit.


Exactly what Kate said- burnt umber and add in yellow ochre


And raw Sienna as well :blush:


Personally I only use burnt umber, genesis red, genesis yellow, ultramarine blue and titanium white on my babies. I just mix any colours that I need from those


I agree with burnt umber. It’s my favorite!


Earth mint green and Mar black


I use burnt umber, raw sienna, yellow ochre, pyrolle red, crimson, dioxazine purple, mars black, and ultramarine blue for almost every baby I make. Not sure which of these come in the starter kit though. I also use earth mint on occasion. Also, if you have a tutorial that you follow for certain skin tones,you can check the supply list for suggestions.


I use:
Flesh 08
Flesh 07
Burnt umber
Pyrole red 06
Pyrole red 02
Genesis red
Phylo green
A pale purple
A pinky purple
And black

I use the black only a tiny drop in with my creasing color on dark areas like between fingers and toes… You probably don’t need it.
White also isn’t nessesary if you buy everything in both pale and dark versions which I did at first… But it comes in handy to pale out a color


Thanks everyone!! You all are so so helpful!