Which paint thinner to use?


what type of paint thinner with Genesis Heat Set Paint? I bought some paint thinner at Wal-Mart but when I applied the paint it was chalky on the doll kit. I tried to find somewhere on the internet to be able to find out how much paint I need along with the paint thinner. If someone could help me with this matter it would greatly appreciate it.


I use Gamsol mineral spirits, it’s a bit safer to use than thinner. I have also found it works the best, at least in my limited experience.


I use Bob Ross oderless thinners, definitely no odor so happy with it.


I have always used Mona Lisa odorless paint thinner.


Chalky usually means not thin enough. Or need to bake/ heat longer. Paint needs to be very thin. I have used some different thinners and no difference. Just personal preference.


I think they are all mineral spirits. Wal-Mart should have a couple different brands.I like the ones that say “odorless” myself and have used several different brands from different places.You want your paint Very thin and translucent.


They are all in the same. Odorless mineral spirits.


I use a combination of Mona Lisa and gamsol mineral spirits. I use Mona Lisa for caucasian babies and gamsol for AA and biracial babies, it doesn’t get as chalky with Mona Lisa.


I use Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner (mineral spirits) and Gamsol,