Which needles/


I bought some 43g. German regular needles and broke all of them within a 2 hour rooting session. I have never had that problem before. I wanted the utra needles but BB is still out. Am I doing something wrong? Where can I get some good strong needles. I don’t like the forked needles. Can’t get the hang of them.


You and me both! I’m having a hard time finding needles that I like. Just as I think I have the hang of the forked, then they just suddenly stop working and they either break or just leave holes. I’m sure it is me, not the needles but I get so frustrated. So I’m not much help. Good luck and maybe if you figure something out you can let me know!


I just tried the crown needles yesterday and I love them. No empty holes and they are very strong.


Where did you get your crown needles?


here is a link. I also ordered some of the star, so when they come in I will post how I like them.

http://cgi.ebay.com/10-x-40-CROWN-MICRO … 0380771146


Hi, in a Reborn class I took this past Summer, we started out using the German needle, which I know is many reborner’s choice of needles. However, I quickly broke mutiple needles as well and switched to the crown needle and finished rooting my baby with the same needle! I have a couple of kits to work on this Winter and I plan to use the 40ga crown needles to root.

You can also get the crown needles, (40ga), at:


Stephanie will not over charge you for shipping either…she sells 6 needles for $2.99 and 12 for $5.75.

Good luck!


38g will leave very pluggy holes. yuck!!! I used them when I first started with my reborn kit. I have learned better now. You would think they would give you better needles to start with

I use the 42g from honeybuns all the time. I break very few needles. The only head I broke alot of them (several) was on the Ariella head. I had to make sure I had a very very warm rice sock with her.

I never used a rice sock in the soft kit’s but now I do, I find rooting is so much eaiser and faster.


I use the 40g 6 barb needles (my favorite) for doll kits and the 38g crown needles (strong and don’t break easily) for thicker vinyl such as berenguer dolls.
I buy them from hunny buns
http://www.hunnybunsrebornsupply.com/ro … pplies?b=1


Thanks Ladies,
I just ordered some crown needles from honeybuns also.


Hi again, I was wondering about the rice sock. what do you heat it in and how long do you heat it?


Hi Robin, as for the rice sock, I put rice in a knee hi nylon, tied the top. Put it in the microwave with a cup of water to add moisture and heat until…well HOT! Don’t burn yourself!

Edited to Add:

My rice sock wasn’t very big and I read recently, if you put the rice sock in the doll head and then stuff it with polyfill, it will help to keep the rice sock in place.


I hope this dosen’t sound stupid but do you put the rice sock in the microwave IN the water?


No question is stupid here. No, you just put the water in seperate from the rice sock.



Don’t forget to put the water in with the rice sock! I did & burned the rice, what a stink!!
I just ordered the crown needles from Honey Buns, thanks for the info, they seem to have the best price & reasonable shipping.



Should have heated the head in the first place.