Which kit color for beginner?

I am new to this am am going to try my first real reborn from a kit. I have put everything I think I’ll need (Geneses paint kit, etc) in my Boutiful Baby shopping cart and am waiting for a DOTD kit I think it should be sleeping, but which color is best pink or peach?? I don’t really know which one would be easiest for a beginner…
Any other advice will be greatly appreciated too

Personally I find the peach easier. If you have any questions just ask everyone here is so helpful. Good luck hope you have fun on your first reborn

Hello WELCOME to BB and to reborning!!! I am also a beginner and am working on my 4th Little One. I have not done a pink kit but I have worked on 2 peach kits. The peach kits have been really nice to work with. Some people think peach kits give a cool complexion that makes the baby look dead, unless you warm it up.

I agree with you about your first kit being a sleeping kit. It will give you one less worry and expense. I can’t wait to see your 1st Little One.

I think that pink is easier to work with. You can neutralize it if you want to, but you really don’t have to. The peach really should be warmed up with a yellow ochre or similar color to avoid a gray baby.

Hi welcome to the forum. Most people prefer the peach but I guess everyone has different opinions. I have done both and I tend to like the pink better. So it’s just a matter of personal taste. Everyone does things a little different so you just have to experiment to find what works best for you.

I used to would have said peach. However, I recently got a pink Paisley kit on the DOTD and I have to say that I don’t think the BB pink is as dark as it used to be. Maybe it is just me, but it seemed easier to paint than it had in the past. I decided I wanted to give this baby a subtle look. I mixed my flesh 08 with glazing gel and some odorless thinner. I applied 1 layer and then went to doing veining and creases and from there on to blushing. I think the finished product turned out very nice and she does not look too pink to me so I am happy with her. So it might be that the pink is easier for someone who doesn’t want to paint a lot of layers. You do have to add a bit more color to the peach to bring it up to a natural glow.

I have done about 12 babies now, and have started doing all Pink…I usually do a mint wash and then go to my flesh 08 and they come out wonderful…I do like a pretty fair complexion and this pink does it for me. the peach kits are a little too dark and grey toned to me. Just another opinion for you to deal with! Whatever you decide…have fun reborning! It’s a great hobby


Most Caucasian babies are very pink when they are newly born. That is why we chose that color as our original color. Then, Caucasian babies typically change to a more peachy color as they get a few weeks or months older. You can see the two photographed together in this picture:


Both colors are nearly the same in popularity. The Newborn Pink is probably slightly more popular for babies where the artist wants a “very newly born” look, and the Peach is probably slightly more popular for the rest of the babies.


Both are nice to work with. If I am doing a newborn or premee, I would suggest the pink kits, If you are doing an 3monts or older I would go with peach kit . But that is only my opinion.

Welcome to reborning. It is an adictive art. Show us your work when you finish your reborn.