Which doll?

I cannot decide which sculpture to buy between, Noor by Adrie Stoete, or Camille/Chloe by Ann Timmerman.
Which one would you choose? :hi ya

OMG I was just looking at Noor ! And this is the first post I came to when I signed in. I think its an omen. Gotta do Noor !!

Ooh, tough decision! I think I’d go with Timmerman, but all 3 sculpts are lovely!

I have done camille and she is just beautiful to reborn. i wanna do cloe but i also want noor!!! i just love that little face!!! such a tought decison!!! do all of them!!! LOL

I like Chloe best. Just wouldn’t want to root a big baby!

Everyone on eBay seems to love Camille/Chloe by Ann Timmerman.
I haven’t done a Noor. I have worked with both Camille and Chloe and I’ve enjoyed them…These are big babies and can wear 3-6 months… It’s a sculpt that you can make look younger or older giving it lots of versatility.
Go with your heart.

I love Camille and Chloe.