Which airdry matte and varnish do you use and why?

Im starting for the first time as many may have already read. Id like to know everyones opinion and none is correct or better than the other so please be nice here. Which matte do you use and how do you use it and why, same goes for varnish but I know it goes on at the end! TIAV!


Use search for Americana Soft Touch Varnish :wink:.


I personally still use Genesis matte varnish but it is time consuming since it has more shine now. I do a nice even coat then after each of the three final baking I pull each piece out and do a thin layer with my cosmetic sponge on any shiny spots, by the last/3rd baking, they are perfect. But I also love the product @YelenaRey just recommended, I have not personally used it all over one of my dolls, only as a touch up prior to shipping on a couple of babies and was super glad I had it for those instances because I already had the baby together with magnet so could not bake it again.

I’ve used Liquitex Fluid matte and ultra matte gel which can be a bit on the sticky side. Great for paint adhesion, but not so great for lint and fuzzies. Ultra matte gel also functions as a good glue inside the head for rooted eyelashes/hair. I’m currently using Golden Super Matte and love it. I mix a bit of it in with my paint and thin with distilled water. I did still use the Liquitex Fluid medium as a primer on my current WIP. And as the others have already suggested, I use DecoArt Soft Touch varnish.

I use Golden polymer matte varnish with UVLS with a small amount of Golden super matte medium mixed in. This makes my babies very matte and offers the UV protection. I then use Americana soft touch varnish with matting powder because this makes my babies look more alive and gives them a nicer texture.


Is this the one?


I know you werent asking me but that is the right one :wink:


Yes, this one :slight_smile:

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